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Jacksonville Florida Pinball Repair

Since 1988, JAX Pinball has provided on-site repair, parts and service for a wide variety of pinball machines throughout the state of Florida including titles from Stern, Williams, Bally, Data East, Sega, Gottlieb, Jersey Jack, and Spooky  – as well as video arcade and coin operated amusement games.

To request a service call or inquire about rates, please call Bill directly at 904-303-1721, send an email to or complete the form below.

PCBs and Parts

Jacksonville Pinball Repair has many different types of PCBs, and parts for almost every manufacturer.

If you need a replacement board or some machine parts give Bill a call!

  • Driver boards
  • Power boards
  • Solenoids
  • Flippers
  • Plastics
  • Bands
  • Transistors
  • Much More…

About Bill

Question: When did you start repairing pinball machines?

Answer: 1988 @ Southern Music in Jacksonville, FL.
I first worked on Gottlieb System 1 and Williams System 11 pinball machines. I also worked every other type of modern coin operated machines as well.

Question: What was the first game that made you realize how much you enjoy pinball?

Answer: Stern Stargazer

Question: What are some of your favorite games?

Answer: Lord of the Rings, Star Trek: Next Generation, Terminator 2, Fathom, Centaur, No Fear, Guns & Roses and many more.

All of the pinball manufacturers, Williams, Bally, Stern, SEGA & Data East have made good games.

Question: Favorite pinball machine designer?

Answer: Steve Ritchie (SRP website)
He designed Star Trek: Next Generation, Terminator 2, Terminator 3, Spider-Man, Highspeed 1 & 2 and the new AC/DC machine.


Question: What keeps your interest peaked about pinball?

Answer: Video games were fun, but pinball is more dynamic and real and skill based.
It’s fun to play with others and brings people together.

Question: What does it take to get good at pinball?

Answer: Many games of practice, learning new skills to stall the ball and keep the ball from draining down out lanes and to have fun while playing.

Question: What does the future for pinball look like to you?

Answer: Pinball is a growing hobby and passion for many. Stern makes three games a year and Jersey Jack and other manufacturers make new games as well.

There are other pinball designers from the past making new machines like John Popaduik doing a game called Magic Girl and a new designer named Ben Heck who co-designed Zombie Adventure Land with John Popaduik.

We’re seeing more pinball machines out on location than we have in quite a long time as well due to demand for them.

Question: How can you be contacted?

Answer: Contact Bill at 904-303-1721

JAX Pinball Repair & Service – Jacksonville, FL